Prevention Lectures at Educational Institutions


Teen Challenge Kyiv gives preventative lectures at the schools in Kiev in the form of a lively discussion with the audience with true stories and examples from personal experience.

Our task is to make friends with the teens and convey through friendly talk the truth about ourselves and about things that are of interest to the younger generation: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, internet etc.

During the conversation, we try to convey the understanding of what real values are, the sacredness of one's life which is unique and is given to us only once. It becomes clear that being fashionable and cool means to realize your full potential, excelling in life. Indeed, the truth about the consequences of addiction will never be told by those who offer it. Therefore, life is worth more than wasting it on the controlling addictions.

We are still developing this direction and hope to broaden this work in the future.

Prevention is warding off «addiction».
The one who possesses the information, possesses one's life!

Help For The Prisoners


Working together with other organizations, Teen Challenge Ukraine takes part in visiting prisons in different regions of the country. From time to time, we visit men's and women's maximum security penal colonies, as well as prisons, sharing stories of changed lives and the Good News with wounded and rejected hearts. When they are released from prison, we help them to adapt to society and encourage them to become active members of a local church.