Teen Challenge Ukraine works closely with more than 30 Christian rehabilitation centers located in different cities of Ukraine.

Our desire is for each person, who goes through the rehabilitation process, to find a full and clear answer to the difficulties they face in life.

The process of recovery includes helping a person to get rid of life-controlling problems, reactivate the process of personality growth, build up a new way of life, helping to recover their place in society and strengthen their resolve to get rid of ill propensities.

There are many different kinds of rehabilitation centers in Ukraine: fee-based and free of charge, for men, women and mothers with children, alcohol addicts, drug addicts and homeless people, providing different kinds of rehabilitation programs and living conditions.

For one to recover in society as a socially adjusted person and learn to live a clean life independently, it is extremely important to complete the full course of the rehabilitation program and, after that, to complete the adaptation program.