Mobile Seminars

The ministers of many rehabilitation centers and Coffee Houses in Ukraine would like to receive a quality, practical education pertaining to helping the addicted. For this reason, Teen Challenge conducts short-term mobile seminars and trainings in different regions of Ukraine.

If you and your team need such seminars, then please contact us and let us know, which topics you are interested in and what would be the prospective dates.

We offer:

1) The Coffee House Basics training for those who want to start this ministry.

Training Topics:
  • Philosophy and values of Teen Challenge
  • How to discover your spiritual gifts
  • The Coffee House peer-support group: how to start, the program
  • Roles and responsibilities at the Coffee House
  • Principles of the street ministry
  • Counseling
  • Escorting to the rehabilitation center


2) Second level Coffee House training – for the operating ministries. In-depth topics of your choice.

3) Seminars and teachings on the topics pertaining to helping the addicted and other religious topics.

Training Center


The Teen Challenge Ukraine Ministry, having a desire to be a reliable resource for local churches and to assist the rehabilitation workers' ministry, using the 50+ years of Teen Challenge's heritage and working towards its effective application in the Ukrainian context, will soon open the Leadership Development Program for Teen Challenge Ukraine.

Our desire is both the growth of the ministers themselves as well as assisting them so that they are able to see to the development of their own ministries. Therefore, we are aware that for the Program to be effective, we need to interact with local ministers, coordinating our actions and making this process fully transparent, starting from the process of accepting a minister to the Program and until he graduates/finishes his training.

What Kind Of A Program Is This?

Teen Challenge Ukraine Leadership Development Program is a three five-day training modules. The graduates who have completed a one year course are awarded with a certificate of completion. During the training modules, the students will get acquainted with the basic biblical topics, as well as practical skills in serving the addicted people in accordance with the Teen Challenge model. We tried to make the learning process as interesting and practical as possible, thus the course contains not only lectures, but also discussions, group work and practical assignments, as well as homework.   

Teen Challenge Conference

Teen Challenge Ukraine conducts an annual all-Ukraine conference for those who serve in the field of rehabilitation of the people with addictive behavior.

The goal of the conference is to encourage and inspire everyone to no longer think like "an ex-addict" but instead have a mindset of those who are worthy to live in the society and influence it's development.

At these conferences, we cultivate friendly and business ties with ministries and churches in Ukraine and other countries, in addition, mature and successful ministers share their personal experiences, inspiring others to move forward and discover new possibilities.

We change — society changes.

Coffee House Conference

In order to facilitate the Coffee House peer-support groups in Ukraine, we hold an annual conference for volunteers and leaders of this ministry. Workshops are held for those who wants to start such groups or has already started one. We share our experience and do planning on how to improve the Coffee House ministry.