In Ukraine, with a population of 43 million, there are approximately 1.5 million drug addicts. Sadly, the number of addicted people, who'd take any risk to gratify their habit is growing from year to year.

We live in a wonderful country, whose people are even more wonderful, however, the epidemic of addiction to drugs and alcohol is growing rapidly, spreading diseases and problems. If nothing changes, people will perish. And not only in our country, but all over the world. We believe that Teen Challenge can be God's instrument for this country.


The main goal of Teen Challenge is people. We really love people, we are very concerned for the people with broken hearts. We indeed believe that God has a plan for each and everyone, to change their lives for the better.

Teen Challenge strives to provide the young people, adults and families with effective and comprehensive Christian solutions, helping them to become mature Christians, active members of the local churches and productive citizens of society.

We believe that Teen Challenge can make a significant contribution to Ukraine.


We provide help through the following ministries:


Street Ministry

This is one of the most amazing places where one can experience and see God's power. Every week our team goes to the streets to bring the Good News to the hearts of addicted people, to give them warmth through hope and love.

On the streets, we meet people created by God to be unique, one of a kind, but they are lost to the world. They have gone through lots of mental and physical pain, their lives lost any meaning, thus, the only thing they have left is to live on the streets, trying to find relief in alcohol and drugs.

Our goal is to help a person to gain inner freedom from the trauma they experienced, to restore their mental and physical health. We offer them diverse methods to solve their problems through social and medical services, peer-support groups, church support, and rehabilitation centers.

Over the years of the street ministry, the lives of many people have changed, some were able to return home to their families, many were able to get free from the drug and alcohol addiction and to find a new goal in life.

Substitution Therapy Clinics
(Methadone Maintenance Treatment)

The Teen Challenge Ukraine Organization puts a lot of effort in the work at the substitution therapy clinics for drug addicts.

The purpose of our work is to convey to each person whose life is controlled by addictions and related problems, that there is a chance to get free and change their future completely. Through friendships, sharing personal experience, we manage to provide quality assistance. We invite people to the Coffee House peer-support groups, also, at their request, we refer them to the rehabilitation centers, where their new lives begin.

Logo Coffee House

Coffee House

This is a peer-support group for people who struggle with life-controlling problems, it also ministers to their friends and family.

There are many reasons why people cave into addictions, but the main reason lies in people trying to control their emotions, especially struggling with what they do not like about themselves.

Groups are attended by people with different kinds of addictions. We talk while having treats, share with each other our experiences, listen to the stories of changed lives and encourage their desire to start a new life, without addiction.

When a person makes the decision to change, we suggest that they complete a rehabilitation program in order to learn a new way of life. Upon the successful completion of the program, we help them become a part of a local church and find their purpose.


Teen Challenge Ukraine works closely with more than 30 Christian rehabilitation centers located in different cities of Ukraine.

Our desire is for each person, who goes through the rehabilitation process, to find a full and clear answer to the difficulties they face in life.

The process of recovery includes helping a person to get rid of life-controlling problems, reactivate the process of personality growth, build up a new way of life, helping to recover their place in society and strengthen their resolve to get rid of ill propensities.

There are many different kinds of rehabilitation centers in Ukraine: fee-based and free of charge, for men, women and mothers with children, alcohol addicts, drug addicts and homeless people, providing different kinds of rehabilitation programs and living conditions.

For one to recover in society as a socially adjusted person and learn to live a clean life independently, it is extremely important to complete the full course of the rehabilitation program and, after that, to complete the adaptation program.