Sexual Addiction Conference

18-19 June, Kiev

How often do you deal with the issues of people who have the secrets of "their own business" or "they don't talk about it" in your counseling practice? The scourge of modernity and the biggest weapon of the devil, not only against a person but also against the Body of Christ, are hiding behind these phrases. Because by having the problems in sexual area such as: rape, pornography, masturbation and homosexuality we deliberately open the door to the consequences of sin into our lives. Although, we might still diligently attend the church every Sunday. These speakers will teach about the destructive effects the sexual addiction has on a person, how to assist the people who suffered from rape, how to restore the wholeness and to fix the relationships with God and people based on the Truth of God. They will also share their own testimonies. Come and take the very tools you will put in practice in your ministry.

City: Kiev, subway station - Vasilkovskaya; 26, Vasiliia Zhukovskogo Street.

Registration fee - 300 UAH for 2 day workshop, 150 UAH - 1 day workshop. The priсe includes: workshop supplies, coffee breaks and lunch. For non-residents we can provide accommodation for extra pay.

Sign up deadline: June 10 (Registration will be done after the payment).

Contact number: 073 420 37 99; 097 939 49 90 Dinara


Tent Camp for the Rehabilitation Centers

9-13 July 2018, Berdychiv

This summer, Teen Challenge and the Messianic congregation will hold another tent camp for the students of rehabilitation centers. This year, we are expecting up to 150 students and workers. There will be diverse and fun program: concerts, motivational games, Christian seminars, sports, workshops, and campfire talks. A bunch of impressions and the energy renewal await you! 


Coffee House Conference

November, Vinnytsia

In order to facilitate the Coffee House peer-support groups in Ukraine, we hold annual conferences for the ministers and leaders of this ministry. There will be 4 days of workshops for those who want to start this ministry or have already operating one. We will share our experiences and will do planning on how to improve the ministry, so that it wouldn't die away but flourish year after year instead.