Coffee House is a support group for people who struggle with life-controlling problems, it also ministers to their friends and family. Throughout its existence, starting from 1957, evangelistic efforts based on coffee houses have proven themselves to be very effective.


Groups meet once a week in a cosy room where you can have a cup of tea or coffee for free and chat on interesting topics. Groups are attended by people with different kinds of addictions, as well as their relatives who want to help them, but who themselves need support. We talk while having treats, share with each other our experiences, listen to the stories of changed lives and encourage their desire to start a new life, without addiction. During the program, guests take part in discussions on various topics, they are listened to, thus, they are shown love and acceptance. Also, guests have an opportunity to hear true stories about changed lives from ex-addicts, and a brief word that motivates them to take the first step to a new life.

When a person makes the decision to change, we suggest that they complete a rehabilitation program in order to learn a new way of life. Upon the successful completion of the program, we help them become a part of a local church and find their purpose.

It is important to remember that the Coffee House is not the ultimate goal, but a mere bridge laid to make a transition from where the addicts are to the place they need to be in order for them to have a fulfilling life.