My name is Alina, I am 32. In 2002, I was sentenced to 7 years of prison. While there, I began to understand that something in my life has to change, and I started talking to God saying «have mercy on me, a sinner». I used to repeat these words many-many times. I didn't know how to pray. I didn't want to stay in prison, I wanted to make an address to the appeal court and be released. But God hid me from this world, where, perhaps, I would no longer be alive. In the place of confinement I came to God and repented.


In 2008, I was released but alas, I had not started searching for God, I went my own way and was torn to pieces. I got pregnant by a guy who drank a lot and was very cruel to me. Mom kicked me out of the house and wanted to deprive me of parental rights to my eldest daughter, who turned a year old. I had no job, no money. I even had to stay in the hospital in order to not spend the night on the streets. The doctors said that I would have twins. I was in utter despair.

Having given birth to the twins, I was admitted to the "Bertina House" rehab center in Donetsk where God lifted me up, washed with His holy blood and said, "go and sin no more!" There I rehabilitated, graduated from the Bible Institute. I began to understand what a family is, I felt accepted. God changed me from the inside out.

God blessed me so much, my eldest daughter was returned to me. All my children are with me now, and we have our own house. Now we attend church and serve God. In 2014, God placed in my heart a desire to start in Poltava the Coffee House ministry based on our local church, it is in operation to this day. Presently, I am the director of the new "Bertina House" center for mothers with children in Poltava.