My name is Boris. I started taking drugs when I was 15. At 16, I was sent to prison. At the age of 19, I got out of prison and thought that my life was under control but that didn't last long.

One day while in prison, wearing prison clothes with black and white stripes, I got wet in the rain and the dye from the stripes bled unto my skin. Furiously, I tried to scrub the dye off my body. Seemed like it went into my skin so deep, I would never be able to wash the stripes off. Altogether, I spent behind the bars 25 years. That formed a certain outlook on life: I got used to the fact that people die, I never thought about the future, my heart was filled with hatred towards people and society. Being a lost case, I had been attending the methadone program the past few years.

Once, after my usual dose of drugs I was sitting on a bench when I heard the words: "Come to the Coffee House."

I looked up and saw a young man who was inviting people to the support group. During our conversation I asked him:

    - "I have spent more time in prison than you have lived. What can you tell me that I don’t already know?"

   - "Personally, I can’t tell you anything but I know the One who is able to change your life. Just come to the Coffee House and we will be happy to have a cup of tasty coffee with you and talk some more" ,  he answered with confidence.

I started attending the Coffee House. There I met the living Christ and felt the presence of God. This is the place where God set me free from the many years of drug addiction and gave me a new life.

Currently, I am a part of the Coffee House ministry. Now, I go to the methadone clinic to tell others how my life has changed. In addition, I visit prisons and preach the Gospel there. My new dream is to build a prison ministry, to start the Bible study there. I desire to bring hope to the place of hopelessness.

I'm happy to be part of such a large family, the Teen Challenge. I am sure that together we will be able to reach many people for Christ.