Yaroslava's Story

My name is Yaroslava. My life was gray and meaningless, for the most part. At the age of 15, I first tried heroin and went to the court for the first time. For ten years, I lived in constant fear searching for drugs. Courts, theft… my parents were disappointed in me. God often tried to get my attention through different situations, but I did not want to listen to Him. At 24, I got married and gave birth to a daughter, my life haven't changed, though; if anything, it continued to deteriorate.

Boris’s Story

My name is Boris. I started taking drugs when I was 15. At 16, I was sent to prison. At the age of 19, I got out of prison and thought that my life was under control but that didn't last long.

Alina's Story

My name is Alina, I am 32. In 2002, I was sentenced to 7 years of prison. While there, I began to understand that something in my life has to change, and I started talking to God saying «have mercy on me, a sinner». I used to repeat these words many-many times. I didn't know how to pray. I didn't want to stay in prison, I wanted to make an address to the appeal court and be released. But God hid me from this world, where, perhaps, I would no longer be alive. In the place of confinement I came to God and repented.

Gena's Story

It was evening, I was on my way home from mother's, a light music played on the radio. My heart got filled with God's love and tears started streaming form my eyes. The images from the past years started to form in my mind. Seven years ago, the Lord Jesus found me in a garbage hole, a lost case of a drug addict abandoned by relatives and friends, and gave me a new heart, led to a wonderful church, gave me the most loving spiritual family and the faithful team of Teen Challenge Ukraine. Here I was taught by personal example to love God and people, walk in the light and be sincere, was taught faithfulness and responsibility, compassion and forgiveness. God has restored my relationship with my family.

Maksym's Story

One February morning, Maksym came to the office of a social worker at the drug clinic. His appearance itself spoke that he is really tired of such life. Back then Maksym weighed only 53 kilos. He was 30, he was on drugs for 16 years, 5 out of 30 years were spent in detention. His body looked shattered, it was a ghastly sight to see him tearing his pants off of the open wounds on his legs. After a short conversation, the social worker invited him to the Coffee House (a peer-support group for people with addictive behavior), having gone to which Maxim made the final decision to go to the rehabilitation center, entrusting his life to God.